Be the Boss of You!

There are some people who just cannot work for someone else. I am one of them. When I was a young child my favorite two things to say were “you’re not the boss of me” and “i’m the boss!” This behavior style makes it difficult to work for someone as an adult so that is why I started my own business. How many people have you met who started a business because they wanted to be their own boss? Isn’t that like benefit number one of owning a business?

The fact is though, that each and everyone of us is our own boss. If you work for someone, sure, you have others bosses. If you are married (and you’re a guy) than you have another boss. But the most important boss we all have is ourselves. We must be the boss of us! In order to be the best possible boss of you, PR skills are a must. PR meaning Personal Responsibility. What would organizations look like if every employee understood and practiced Personal Responsibility? What would our country look like?

Practicing Personal Responsibility and becoming the Boss of You is easy to do, but like most things it is also easy not to do. It is easy to write out a to do list every day and actually do the things on your list. But it’s also easy to spend your day socializing with people in your office or checking your Facebook. It is easy to invest in your own personal growth. You just have to read more books or blogs. Participate in more webinars or even take more classes. But its also easy to say, “I already know that.” The enemy of growing it knowing. It doesn’t matter if you think you already know. You can always learn more.

Being the Boss of You is about investing in your own personal growth. It is about holding yourself accountable. How do you hold yourself accountable? What system do you have in place for personal accountability or responsibility? What are you doing to invest in yourself? What are the last three books you read? When is the last time you took responsibility for you and didn’t blame someone else for your circumstances?

Commit today to become Personally Responsible for your goals, actions, and circumstances. Commit to your own personal growth. The time is now to stop blaming others, to stop relying on others, and to Be the Boss of You!

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