Finding The Perfect Balance

“Balance is paying attention to the things that matter most at the time that they matter most.”-Kollete Hall

Priorities are always going to be an issue with people in leadership positions. It is always going to be a juggling act in trying to find the perfect balance between your personal life and professional life. 
There will be some days when you feel your personal life needs more attention than your professional life and vice versa, but is there really an effective way to balance all of your priorities?
Everyone has heard the saying there is a time and place for everything, and that saying can’t be any truer, for adults and children. I remember my parents telling me this saying when I wouldn’t be able to sit still during a one hour mass, but in all honesty, what child is? My Mother would tell me, ‘Jesus is watching you, Mari!’, and then for a brief second I would sit still because I was afraid I was going to get in trouble with Jesus. This was also the case when I would throw a fit in front of family and my Mother would say ‘Your cousin is looking at you’, or if I didn’t go to bed on time, ‘The Cucuy (Latino equivalent to the boogeyman) is going to get you.” The point is these sayings got me to do what I was supposed to do or act how I was supposed to act at a certain time and place, and oddly enough that technique can be applied to any adult in their life, just with a few minor adjustments.

When I’m with my husband or family and we are enjoying a nice time together, I try not to be on my cell phone or computer that much because that takes precious time away from them. If I catch myself on my phone I remind myself, ‘Is this how I’m supposed to be acting when I’m spending quality time with my family?’ The same goes for work; work is supposed to be done during the day between work hours, and sometimes excessive amounts of watching YouTube videos can take place, but I just have to remind myself, ‘Should I be procrastinating at the work place when important things need to be finished and deadlines need to be met?’, no.
There is a balance that can be reached, and that is by having a schedule, sticking to it, and reminding yourself to not get off track because if you do your professional life can flow into your personal life which isn’t what anyone wants to happen. Amber Fogarty constantly tells us in the Gr8 Women Leaders Program that ‘If it gets scheduled, it gets done’ and it is so incredibly true. 

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