My Leadership Journey: The Concordia MBA (Part 6)

I cannot believe how fast this entire experience is flying by. There is only four weeks left in my second semester of the Concordia MBA program. I will then be one-third of the way done with grad school! This past Tuesday, March 26th I began my first leadership class! Working in the leadership development industry, I have been anxiously awaiting to begin this course. I love learning more about how I can develop myself into a more effective leader.

We began the class by taking a Strength Finder assessment to determine what our top five strengths were. I was classified as an: Achiever, Includer, Woo, Strategic, and Learner. I found it fascinating that after I read about what each of these strengths meant, that I immediately began looking at all of the ways I would put myself into each of these categories.

I know I love to push myself to the limits and accomplish things I never believed possible. I like to constantly keep learning, and I love to bring people together. Soon after taking this test I read my strengths to one of my good friends, and the first thing she said was Woo fits you perfectly; this was interesting that she picked this strength out of the five. In my self-ranking system I put this one at the bottom. It is always important to get the input of others because usually they are more honest with you than you are honest with yourself. I plan to get feedback on my Strengths Finder report from other people close to me to get their opinion. 

During class on Tuesday, it was exciting hearing how my fellow cohorts viewed me, and the characteristics that they believed I portrayed that fit me into these categories of strengths. Not only was it reaffirming to hear positive things about myself, but this gave me even more encouragement to keep pushing forward. I am excited to continue learning about myself, and finding out more about what makes me unique. I am excited to continue my path to develop into a leader who makes a difference!

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  1. I am also a Woo! It surprised me, too, but after I learned more about the strength and hearing thoughts from other friends/coworkers, I soon agreed that it fits. Good luck with the rest of your journey through the MBA program!

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