To See Something New, Be Something New

Most of our lives have a pretty clear routine. We wake up in the same place, have the same breakfast, get in the same car, and go to the same job. We do the same things, deal with the same issues, come home at the same time, and do it all over again the next day.

It can get old. We get burned out. We get tired of the same old thing. We want to do something, see something new.

Here’s the secret, to see something new, you must be something new. You’ll never reach new heights and change your life without first changing yourself. What you have done has gotten you to where you are, but it won’t get you to where you want to go.

Advancement, growth, progression, promotion; all of these words are really just substitutes for the same word, change. You must change in order for your circumstances to change. Find a new skill or develop an existing one. Open yourself to new relationships, professional or personal. Read a book, take a class, challenge yourself. Apply for a job you may not even want, just to see. Explore new perspectives.

As you change (grow, learn, develop, etc.) you will find that your circumstances will change too. But it has to start with you. To see something new, be something new.

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