What Are You Doing to Help Your Team Win?

“What Can I Do To Help My Team Win Today?”  This was the motto of the McNeil High School baseball team two years ago and is the same approach that I take today in my leadership roles at Concordia University Texas. A University whose mission is to “Develop Christian Leaders,” Concordia highlights the idea of selflessness in daily interactions. It is difficult to lead selflessly in a society where we are constantly focusing on our own personal gain. A good way to challenge yourself to become a more effective leader is to ask yourself each day what you can do to help others win.

During my leadership journey at Concordia, I have had the opportunity to practice selfless leadership as Manager of our radio station and most recently as a Program Assistant for our men’s basketball program. What I do as a Program Assistant is often overlooked by outside spectators and tends to go unnoticed. However, I continue to serve in this position because it allows me to be around the game that I love [basketball] and further my collegiate experience. Though the position is unpaid and volunteer only, I am happy to do it. It allows me to serve selflessly because it’s not about recognition or payment- I work out of passion and the goal to help ensure a winning program and team.

On an organizational level, I believe a CEO or leader’s primary goal is to succeed. A common problem is that much of the time that success is attributed to the people at the top, rather than the people who contribute at the “ground level”. Rather than taking all the credit themselves, an executive who funnels work credit across all levels of a company empowers their employees, makes them feel valued, and motivates them to continue working hard.

One excellent example of a selfless servant in leadership is Dr. Don Christian, the chief executive officer at Concordia University Texas. When asked about academic success, Dr. Christian often attributes it to the work of the faculty and staff within the classroom. Looking back on my time at Concordia, I see Dr. Christian as the driving force behind my servant leadership. Beginning with his Introduction to Business class my freshman year, he always challenged me to think critically, and ask powerful questions, which is something that I still practice today.

As I move forward in my leadership journey, I continue to ask myself the question, “what I can do to help my team win today?” Give it a try. See where it takes you.

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