SOS Leadership publishes all of its content through SOS Publishing, we specialize in books about the following topics: leadership, goal setting, achievement, purpose, time management, and living a life of significance. We are also interested in books that will be marketed to people of faith. Many people would say that the odds are not in your favor as an author:

  • For every 1000 manuscripts submitted to traditional publishers, only one is accepted!
  • Unless you have an agent or an inside line of communication with a publisher, it is very difficult to even get your manuscript reviewed, much less published!
  • Traditional publishers chase trends and follow big names, which leaves new authors without much hope of achieving their goal!

SOS Publishing is here to change that!

  • Every author and every book is welcomed and given careful consideration.
  • With or without an agent, your book project will be considered.
  • It doesn’t make any difference whether this is your 1st book or your 10th book, we are here to help you get your book published.

The time is now to get your book published! Contact us today to learn more!