Speaker, Author, Coach, Trainer, and Philanthropist

Bill Moyer is an inspiring speaker who will cause your audience to think deeply about their own purpose and the call to leadership. He will motivate them to be the best version of themselves at work and at home.

Bill weaves personal stories from his own life into his presentations, which allows the audience to connect with him on a level different from most speakers. Bill has been told he has a gift for simplifying complexity and he uses that gift in his presentations. The late Paul J. Meyer, New York Times Best Selling author and founder of the personal development industry called Bill the “greatest executive coach he ever saw.”

Bill has spoken to thousands of audiences in 36 countries and 49 states. He delivers keynotes, breakout sessions and interactive training sessions delivering motivation, information and humor. He also regularly speaks with his son, Billy Moyer and together they provide a unique look at leadership. They are a dynamic father/son team.

Seeds of Success: A Journey from Success to Significance

This presentation is based on Bill’s first book. Bill will take you through the Seeds of Success and weave in personal stories to make his points. It will serve as a wake-up call to those struggling with priorities. He will help you understand that “What Matters Most” is a focus rather than a question.

Retreat to Success: Living Your Life on "Purpose"

Are you so busy doing everything that you don’t get anything done? Sometimes you must slow down in order to move forward. Sometimes you must retreat. Bill talks about the importance of slowing down and how that can help you discover your life’s purpose.

If You Don't Grow, You Go! Creating a Positive Organizational Culture

Bill will share his expertise in “What Matters Most” for business leaders, achieving long-term, sustainable growth through ethical leadership. Bill will focus on the vital role that HR professionals play in cultivating a culture that engages employees, improves morale, and increases retention. He will also share words of wisdom from a CEO’s perspective about how HR professionals can get a seat at the table.

Leadership That Makes a Difference

Bill will share valuable insights on leadership, and what he calls a “what matters most” focus. He will look at the different stages of leadership. He will provide valuable takeaways that will allow  everyone to leave with the insight needed to make positive changes and to become the best version of themselves.

Custom Presentations

Bill can customize a presentation for your group about a variety of topics including: Leadership, Goal Setting, Culture, Change, Time Management, Purpose, What Matters Most, Communication, Teamwork, and Coaching.