Speaker, Author, Coach, and President of SOS Leadership

Billy is an energetic speaker who will entertain, educate, and motivate your audience. He encourages everyone to answer the call to leadership. Billy weaves personal stories from his own life and the lives of people close to him into his presentations, which allows the audience to connect with him on a level different from most speakers. Another thing that makes Billy unique is that he is only 27 years old. He brings that young energy and enthusiasm with him when speaking to groups, but he also brings many years of experience.

Billy has spoken to hundreds of audiences and thousands of people around the world beginning when he was just seven years old. He delivers keynotes, breakout sessions and interactive training sessions delivering motivation, information and humor. He speaks at corporate meetings and conferences, association events, chamber banquets, gala’s, lunch and learns, etc. He enjoys speaking to any audience, but always looks forward to opportunities to speak to students, especially college and high school students because he believes that they do not have enough opportunities to learn about leadership. Billy often speaks with his father, Bill Moyer from whom he learned about leadership. Together they provide a unique and dynamic look at leadership.

Leadership Makes all the Difference

Leadership is the solution to every problem. Billy has learned about this first-hand and he believes that we are all called to be leaders. What would the productivity of your organization look like if every employee stepped up as leaders? Billy will show how you and your organization can gain traction, through fundamental leadership success strategies, in order to answer the call to leadership and achieve peak performance.

Be the Boss of Your Life!

Who is your most important boss? That person should be you! You must work harder on yourself than you do on your job. You only have two choices in life: Grow, or decline? It is your responsibility as an employee and as a leader to choose growth. If you don’t grow, you go! In this motivational and educational keynote, I will share with you my story of growth  and how you can make changes today to become the boss of your life. Decide today to be the boss of you. Decide today to be GREAT!

Seeds of Success: A Journey from Success to Significance

This presentation is based on Billy’s first book. Billy will take you through the Seeds of Success and weave in personal stories to make his points. It will serve as a wake-up call to those struggling with priorities. He will help you understand that “What Matters Most” is a focus rather than a question.

Retreat to Success: Living Your Life on Purpose

Are you so busy doing everything that you don’t get anything done? Sometimes you must slow down in order to move forward. Sometimes you must retreat. Billy talks about the importance of slowing down and how that can help you discover your life’s purpose.

Custom Presentations

Billy can also customize a presentation for your group about a variety of topics including: Leadership, Goal Setting, Personal Responsibility, Culture, Change, Time Management, Purpose, What Matters Most, Communication, Teamwork, and Coaching.