Increase Your Human Capital:
Invest in Training

Small Group Training Course: A group of executives, managers, salespeople or supervisors will go through an SOS Leadership program over the course of 5-10 sessions. They will also receive additional coaching during the process to assist in their development. This type of training will help get more out of these leaders in order to improve their personal productivity and results. This type of training builds leaders. It will better prepare them for their leadership roles. The common themes that are addressed through these training courses are change management, communication, priorities, building teams, improving productivity and results, sales, effective supervisory skills and leadership.

Training Programs: SOS Leadership Training programs can be delivered in a variety of ways in order to best fit the needs of the client. The most popular delivery method is a 90 minute to three hour seminar, but the programs can also be facilitated over the course of five weeks. These training seminars can be on almost any professional development topic including but not limited to: time management, goal setting, communication, leadership, priorities, sales, behavior style, and more.

The seminars often include a self-study training program as takeaway for participants to ensure that they retain the information presented and can take action on it. These training’s will help you build a culture of growth among your employees. They will get motivated, become more engaged and productive and achieve better results.

Leadership Assessments: Open the door for effective interpersonal communications between managers, workers, or members of a team.  Create an environment for increased productivity and improved morale.  The DISC Profile System features behavioral assessments that measure HOW you do your job. It gives individuals an understanding of how they are perceived at work, thereby assisting employees at all levels in communicating more effectively and working more productively together.

The DISC model has been used by millions of people worldwide to improve interpersonal relationships, enhance communication, increase sales, reduce conflict and stress, determine effective job fit, and to create a common language for team enhancement in organizations.

“I am also a Dale Carnegie graduate and from that I became skeptical of business coaching because I got little from it. SOS Leadership’s program changed my mind. It has a lot of practical and applicable advice that is useful in learning to manage time and set goals.” – Jacob Abraham

Effective Leadership Makes ALL the Difference.