Bring a Training Course into your Company

SOS Leadership training courses are unique because of their flexibility. Our courses are not one trick ponies that can only be offered one way. Each course can be customized and tailored to your organization because we understand that each situation is different. Courses can be offered in short more motivational sessions of just 60-minutes. They can be 90 minute to three hour more interactive sessions or even full day retreat style sessions on one topic or combining multiple topics. Each course can also be presented as part of a continuous leadership development program for a smaller group of leaders.

Improve as a leader through fundamental leadership success strategies.

Discover how you’re uniquely wired to lead and succeed. 

Take your leadership to a higher level.

Take advantage of the differences between generations.

Abraham Lincoln’s unique leadership style can help you improve your own skills.

A completely different leadership style from Lincoln, but one you can also learn a lot from.

Change will always happen. Learn how to get people on board.

A positive Org Culture is one that is focused on the growth of every employee.

Communication is the hallmark of leadership. If you can’t communicate, you can’t lead.

You can’t manage people. Coach them to improve their results and yours.

Take control and hold yourself accountable. You may have a boss, but you should be the boss of you.

Sales in the 21st Century should be simple, yet it seems so complicated. Learn the simple way to win the sale.

Learn how to protect your managers time and yours through simple to implement strategies.

It takes certain skills to supervise people and get the most out of them, learn  how to implement them to get better results.

Teams are the way ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things. There are seven team killers you most know as a leader.

 Learn valuable ideas and insights to help you protect your most valuable asset: your time.

Enhance your personal productivity and the results of your organization by positively change your habits and actions.

Why do you do what you do? What are you passionate about? These things drive you and help you become the best version of you.

Are you making the progress you would like to make and are capable of making? Learn how to set and achieve goals using a simple process.

Time is the great equalizer. It cannot be managed, but you can learn to manage yourself and find the time to achieve.