Building Leaders. Changing Cultures.
Improving Results.

SOS Leadership Institute LLC is a leadership development resource center that provides training, coaching, and consulting focused on building Human Capital to organizations all over the world. SOS helps leaders get the most out of themselves and those they lead to improve performance and results. 

SOS Leadership is headquartered in Austin, Texas and was founded in 2008 by Bill and Billy Moyer, a dynamic father and son team.

Although SOS was officially founded in 2008, our story really began in the early 1980’s when co-founder Bill Moyer began working in the leadership development industry as a franchisee of Leadership Management, Inc., a Paul J. Meyer company. Bill became one of LMI’s most successful franchisee’s and ultimately came to work in the home office where he learned directly from Paul J. Meyer, the founder of the entire industry.

When co-founder, Billy Moyer was just four-years-old he went through his first goal setting program. In that program he wrote down his first ever goal, which was to be just like his dad. This really was the beginning of SOS Leadership.

At the age of seven, Billy gave his first speech and then traveled around the world with his dad, Bill speaking about leadership and personal development. They made a great team.

Then in 2008, while in his last semester of college at St. Edward’s University, Billy decided it was time to commit to doing what he had always wanted to do. That is when he founded SOS Leadership. He convinced Bill to retire and join SOS Leadership as the co-founder and CEO.

Since then SOS Leadership has served hundreds of organizations and thousands of people all over the world. SOS has coaches and trainers in numerous other states and two other countries.

SOS Leadership is committed to: Building Leaders. Changing Cultures. And Improving Results. All to build up Human Capital within organizations. It all started with a great leader who positively influenced his son and taught him how to set goals. 

Vision: We provide services like coaching, training, consulting, and speaking, along with numerous other valuable tools and resources that empower and equip leaders to make a difference.

Mission: We will differentiate ourselves by providing high touch service to our clients and by protecting our unique entrepreneurial family culture, leveraging the vast talents of some of the top thought leaders in the world who are a part of the SOS team and network.

Purpose: We believe that that the solution to every problem is Leadership! We exist to develop leaders who make a difference in the lives of others by planting in them the Seeds of Success and helping them develop a “What Matters Most” focus.

Values: Click here to see our unique corporate values!

What sets SOS Leadership apart is our personal commitment to “roll up our sleeves” and partner with our clients as they journey from success to significance. We possess an unwavering belief in human potential and find great joy in motivating our clients to achieve what they never thought possible.

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