Why I Lead

Next Friday SOS Leadership will host its monthly Austin Leading Ladies Power Hour, an opportunity for women leaders to come together to network and empower each other to make a difference. The topic is: Why I Lead.

Think for a moment about why you lead. What ignited your passion for leadership? When did you first recognize and understand that you are a leader? Why do you lead?

Many times on this blog we’ve acknowledged that leadership is a choice. Some say yes and choose to lead, and plenty of others don’t. What is your WHY?

My WHY is summed up in the 5 words I use to define my life’s purpose: faith, family, leadership, learning, and homelessness. Coming to understand my purpose has been a lifelong journey, and it is ongoing. At this moment, I have clarity that these five simple words encompass my life’s work. 

Each and every day I strive to better understand my personal call to leadership and how it is uniquely mine. Through a deep commitment to learning and growth, I hope to continue to grow as a leader so that I can more fully answer the call to leadership in my life. I believe that seeking understanding about why I lead is a vital part of this process.

Learning to lead is a constant journey. Our individual motivations are different, but we share a common bond as leaders who want to make a difference. 

Why do you lead? And what does it mean to Lead Like You?

Make it a great day!

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